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Adorable Puppy Animated Wallpaper

Download Free Adorable Puppy Animated Wallpaper


Play around in the soft green grass and pretty pink flowers with this adorable puppy. This free animated wallpaper is sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. This is a fantastic wallpaper for all dog lovers.


  • Works with windows 8, Vista and XP
  • Virus, Adware and Malware Free
  • File size: 1.23 Mb
  • Tags: adorable pets, puppies, puppy, animated, download, free, green grass, pink flowers, dog
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How It Works:

After clicking the Download button, the installer will take you through the download and set the Animated Wallpaper on your desktop. If you would like to change this, right click anywhere on your desktop. In the menu that pops up, click on Properties with your left mouse button. In the next window that opens, choose the Desktop tab on the top. Here, you will see an entire list of backgrounds that you can choose for your desktop. Choose one, click Apply and then OK.
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